Goodix And vivo Want Other Android Devices To Use Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanners

Goodix is ​​a fairly large fingerprint scanner manufacturer in China. They are also a technology shari'ah that never stops bringing new innovations to smartphones such as fingerprint scanners under the LCD screen. Most recently, Goodix and vivo collaborated for the Ultrasonic Fingerprint Solution program to speed up the use of under-screen ultrasonic fingerprint scanners.

So far, ultrasonic fingerprint scanners have only been manufactured by Qualcomm. The cost is also expensive causing the use to be limited to Samsung devices and only selected devices in China use it. With Goodix starting to offer its own ultrasonic fingerprint scanner on the vivo X100 Ultra, it proves that device manufacturers now have an alternative. Goodix is ​​also well-known as a supplier of fingerprint scanners for affordable devices, so if more manufacturers start using the ultrasonic type there will be the potential for various categories of devices to start using the same sensor.

The ultrasonic sensor allows users to scan fingerprints in the dark without the screen needing to be turned on, even dirty or wet fingers can still be detected and it guarantees tighter security features and a faster unlocking process. This sensor is limited to OLED screen devices only and it requires the expertise of device manufacturers to design to match this sensor with their OLED panel of choice. Qualcomm once shared, it is a difficult method.

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