Google Gemini And Imagen 2 Now Integrated On The Opera Web Browser

Aria is an Opera web browser chatbot powered by generative artificial intelligence technology. Opera does not have its own AI model but uses various models such as Llama, Vicuna, Mixtral and many more which are then processed by the Opera LLM Composer AI engine. Most recently, Opera has partnered with Google to integrate Gemini and Imagen 2 directly into Aria.

All major web browsers Opera and even Operas GX will also have Aria with Gemini. Users can now chat with Aria and according to user prompts, Opera LLM Compose AI will determine whether feedback will be generated with Gemini or another model. Opera is also confident that Aria's performance is twice as fast because it has booked an AI data center with the NVIDIA DGX supercomputer.

At the same time, Opera is also working with Google Cloud to integrate Imagen 2 on Vertex AI. It is a generative artificial intelligence feature generating images. Like Gemini, Imagen 2 is also accessible via Aria. With Google's text-to-audio AI model, Aria can also read feedback as if the user were chatting with a human.

For now, Gemini and Imagen 2 on the Opera web browser can only be accessed by Opera One Developer users. Those using this development version of the web browser can also participate in the AI ​​Feature Drop program to test the new AI features built into Opera.

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