Google Password Manager Now Makes Sharing Passwords With Family Members Easy

Who among our readers share streaming service passwords with family members? I'm sure many do because it's a cost-saving measure. The sharing process can be done by sending a message but if the password is changed, family members may not know it was done by you.

Google Password Manager has been updated with it now allowing password sharing with Family Group members according to a report by Android Authority. With this feature, you can share passwords with all members of your Family Group.

Any password changes will be updated in real time to all. Family members also do not need to know the password because their Google Password Manager will automatically fill in the password field in the application.

This feature is activated after Google Play Services is updated to version v24.20 which has just been given. If you haven't used the Family Group feature, we recommend using it as it allows parents to control their children's digital activities and also makes it easier for you to manage your own parent's devices.

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