Google Photos Gives 10 Free Paid Editing Features to Everyone

Google Photos today began giving access to 10 AI-powered editing features for free to everyone. Features like Magic Eraser that erases elements in photos and Unblur that sharpens blurry photos were previously only accessible to Pixel 8 users or those with a Google One subscription.

Magic Eraser

According to 9to5 Google, this feature can be used for free on both Android and iOS devices since yesterday but is being rolled out in stages. Although free, each user can only save 10 AI-edited photos per month. If they want to do more editing, they still need to subscribe to Google One.

Monthly subscription services are increasing and becoming a trend that can generate income for companies. By giving access to all, Google can definitely increase the number of subscriptions because features like Magic Eraser are very useful especially when editing on smartphones.

Users don't need to be proficient in Photoshop and editing is as easy as clicking on the element they want to modify. The complete list of 10 editing features that are currently provided for free is as below.

Cinematic photos

Color pop

HDR effect for Photos & Videos

Magic Eraser

Portrait blur

Portrait light

Sky suggestions

Styles in collage editor


Video effects

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