Samsung Reportedly May Introduce Galaxy Ring Along With Monthly Subscription Service

Samsung is ready to show their smart ring, Galaxy Ring. It is expected to include a number of smart features along with it, mainly focusing on health. For now, Samsung has not yet announced the selling price, and the full range, including the launch date of the smart ring.

However, the matter did not stop various initial reports related to the smart ring. Most recently, it is said that Samsung may offer their smart ring, along with a number of additional services offered at a monthly subscription price.

This means, users have to buy the smart ring, and then make additional monthly payments for access to some things. Full details related to it are not yet known.

For information, Oura RIng uses this concept, where rings are sold separately, and users can make a subscription payment to access some special premium features. It is not known whether Samsung will introduce more or less the same features – or introduce a subscription to the Samsung Health app with a number of new accesses to it.

Anyway, let's all look forward to what Samsung's move is through their smart ring.

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