Google Photos Will Soon Improve Video Quality With Two Clicks

Google Photos is best known for its feature of backing up image and video files to the cloud using Google Drive storage. It also supports AI search features, AI editing features, can generate collages of memories through Memories, can generate 3D images and more. Recently, Google Photos has been updated with a feature to improve video quality with one click.

This is more or less the same feature that can already be done on images. In Google Photos, any photo can be improved by simply clicking Edit and then Enhance. For videos, Google Photos will change the brightness, contrast, saturation, and some other settings to make the user's video more beautiful.

This feature is different from the AI feature which can only be used by Pixel 8 users. For now it is still not sure when this feature will be distributed to users or it is just an A/B test. Do you want this feature?

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