Anthropic Now Offers Claude Application For iPhone And iPad – RM99.90 Per Month

Claude is a generative AI service by Anthropic. So far, Claude can only be used through their official website or through other AI chatbots that use Claude's spoken language model. Recently, Anthropic has introduced the Claude application for iPhone and iPad.

iOS and iPadOS devices can now go to the App Store and download Claude. Just like the web version, the free account is limited to using the Claude 3 Sonnet model, while the Pro account can use the Claude 3 Opus model. The app will sync chat history on the web, can scan images and more.

With Claude's offering on iPhone and iPad, subscription prices in local currency are also visible. Claude offers two monthly subscription plans, one for individuals priced at RM99.90 and another Team priced at around RM143 per month for one person (minimum 5). If you want to save some Ringgit, subscription via web using a card like Wise or GX Bank is only around RM96 per month.

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