Huawei Will Switch Completely To Its Own Operating System This Year – Independent Of Android

Huawei is ready to develop their own operating system, called HarmonyOS. However, it is still based on Android, and at the same time, Huawei also includes support for Android applications on their operating system.

This is in an effort to make it easier for users to switch to their platform, without worrying about the lack of applications and so on.

After several years, now Huawei is expected to step into the next phase through the introduction of the Huawei Mate70 later. According to the Nikkei report, the Mate70 will be Huawei's next push to switch to its own operating system entirely, and independent of the Android platform.

Named HarmonyOS Next, it is developed entirely from scratch, and is independent of the Android system. It is said that the use of memory by this new operating system is more efficient than the Android platform, in addition to supporting artificial intelligence on the device.

Anyway, now the main challenge is in adding a diverse collection of applications to HarmonyOS. Huawei has previously announced that HarmonyOS now has 4000 applications developed specifically for the platform, and is not just an Android application exchange. The focus is now on application development in China first – and is expected to expand to other regions in stages.

With the development of specialized applications, it is another step in moving completely away from the Android ecosystem – and forming the third largest operating system in the world. This development is quite interesting to see, considering that Microsoft and BlackBerry have failed to achieve this before.

Anyway, for now, the focus is on the Chinese market first, and it is not yet known when the global market will receive the same focus for HarmonyOS Next. Let's all look forward to the introduction of the Mate70 soon, and see if it will be exclusive to the Chinese market, or expanded to the global market.

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