Iyo One Is Premium TWS With Generative AI

It seems that there are still device manufacturers wanting to try to make generative artificial intelligence physical devices a reality. The condemned Humane AI Pin is now looking for a buyer to sell their company and then the Rabbit R1 was also denounced and revealed with evidence that it was just an Android device with ChatGPT and a simple code giving instructions instead of AI. The latest to try to change the market is Iyo One, a TWS with built-in generative AI.

Iyo targets the One as a multi-functional premium TWS. If users do not want to take advantage of the AI ​​features, the One is promised to be used as a TWS with high quality audio for professional use. Iyo didn't reveal specific specs for the One, but among the interesting features is that it supports head tracking for immersive audio. Iyo One also supports IP68 protection and is designed with billet titanium on a giant round panel that is also a modern style fashion accessory.

The AI ​​features on the Iyo One are real-time translation, an AI exercise trainer, as well as access to the Iyo ecosystem for voice control of various apps that support Siri and Alexa. Powering this AI feature is a 4nm 4-core chip paired with 2/32 GB memory, supporting 4G, WiFi and GPS.

There are three color options, namely ocean, polar, and night which will only be revealed later. The Iyo One ear buds are said to follow the concept of the Iyo Vad Pro which is their $1,650 professional IEM. Iyo One is sold at a price of $599 (~RM2,820) for WiFi 16GB and $699 (~RM3,292) for WiFi + 4G 32GB. Each AI feature does not require any subscription and is free for life. It should also be noted that selected Samsung Galaxy Buds already support one of the AI ​​features and the new Nothing Ear also integrates ChatGPT – both are sold at more affordable prices.

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