Samsung Will Be Your "Friend" Longer Through Warranty Extension For Galaxy A55 And A35 Series

Samsung has already offered the latest Galaxy A series for this year, mainly focusing on the Galaxy A55 and also the Galaxy A35. Both come with 5G network support, allowing you to use them with new networks – not to mention Samsung's updated offerings in terms of security and software that ensure you can use for a long time without problems.

In addition, Samsung also provides a one-year extended warranty offer to Galaxy A55 buyers, which not only protects your device in terms of software and security, but also in terms of hardware and protection. This warranty covers against accidents and also damages caused by liquids.

In line with this, Samsung is now also running a new campaign focusing on their Galaxy A smartphone, under the "Your Awesome Friend" campaign. In Malaysia, Samsung offers the Galaxy A35 5G at a price of RM1699, while the Galaxy A55 5G is offered at a price of RM1999.

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