Microsoft Reportedly Concerned About Apple And OpenAI Collaboration

Over the past few weeks, we have heard several reports saying that Apple will use OpenAI technology through the upcoming iOS 18 update, while offering a number of features based on generative artificial intelligence on their operating system.

However, there are now reports saying that Microsoft does not like the collaboration between the two companies, and is worried about it. One of the things that worries Microsoft is related to the operation of the servers that power ChatGPT in the future if it is connected to hundreds of millions of iPhone and iPad devices.

In addition, it will also put the capabilities of Apple's artificial intelligence offering on a par with what Microsoft provides today – since both will use OpenAI technology.

For now, Apple has not announced any collaboration with OpenAI yet. According to speculation, Apple is expected to share about it at the WWDC event scheduled for early June 2024 – including the introduction of iOS 18 and an upgraded Siri.

Some rumors also say that Apple may also work with Google in integrating Gemini on iOS 18 later. Anyway, let's all look forward to WWDC 2024 later, to hear officially directly from Apple later.

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