Like AI Pin, Rabbit R1 also uses Android

This year AI physical devices will be the new trend. Starting with Humane AI Pin, then Rabbit R1, and in the future AI laptops will become a trend. The target of this AI device is as a side device along with a dedicated smartphone to use voice commands and get quick information with AI. It's like a digital assistant in a separate device.

Most manufacturers of AI devices claim they use their own operating systems. Like Humane AI Pin, it has no app but the system is still based on Android. Most recently, the Rabbit OS running on the Rabbit R1 was also revealed to be just an Android operating system. Then the entire Rabbit OS interface is said to be handled by a single application. Android Authority managed to get Rabbit R1 Launcher APK and run it on Pixel 6a. In their tests, the Pixel 6a now operates like the Rabbit R1.

After their article was published, Android Authority reported that Rabbit R1 access to the Pixel 6a had been blacklisted. Rabbit's representative also issued a statement that Rabbit OS, although based on Android, is not an ordinary application. The app is just a helper to handle the whole system and it still needs a special connection to the Rabbit server that cannot be accessed by third-party devices.

What's your opinion? Should these AI devices become a trend or should they only come with apps to turn Android devices into AI devices?

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