Meta Quest Now Has Travel Mode For Use Outside The Home

When the Apple Vision Pro was shown, among the advertised functions was that it was used in airplanes. Every buyer can have a virtual giant screen even in the airplane's space. Today Meta announced Travel Mode on Quest 3 and Quest 2 which brings the same feature.

Travel Mode on Quest 3 and Quest 2 allows up to three screens to float in the virtual space of the AR headset wearer. Owners can do work, watch videos and even preview AR supported by the device. At this point Travel Mode has been designed for use in airplanes with Meta to support other modes of transportation such as trains in the future.

In conjunction with the launch of Travel Mode, Meta announced a collaboration with Lufthansa to offer Quest 3 to business class passengers. Among the content that can be accessed is watching movies and TV series in a more immersive way, 360-degree content, views of destinations from the air and the first in AR mode.

To try Travel Mode owners just need to activate it in the Experimental settings in the device today.

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