TikTok Tests AI Search Features Search Highlights

It seems that more and more services that have a search bar want to offer search results with artificial intelligence. Google with SGE, Brave Search also now has AI, various applications such as photo albums also now have AI search features and most recently TikTok is seen starting to test AI search features.

This feature is named as AI Smart Search. When a search is performed on the TikTok application, AI Search highlights will display results that have been formulated with AI along with related video recommendations. TikTok's AI-generated content is seen using ChatGPT from OpenAI, but not all searches will activate this AI feature. According to search sources such as recipes will release cooking recipes along with related videos.

TikTok is a popular service for users to find the latest information. Because of that, TikTok has started integrating the Google search engine, results from IMDB and Wikipedia so that users can easily get information from authentic sources. For now this feature is still limited to selected users in countries such as the United States and it is not certain when it will be distributed to the general public.

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