Meta Will Let Instagram's New Features Be Tried Earlier

Normally, any social media application will have hidden features that are not activated because they are in the testing phase. These hidden features are often revealed by independent developers by exploring the code in the application. Sometimes, selected users will also be given early access to get feedback. Later Meta will allow users to test new features or functions of Instagram in advance directly from the application.

The "Early access to features" feature is expected to offer a variety of new features and functions that have not yet been offered to the public. This feature is also still in the development phase and has not been given to users. This kind of strategy is similar to the Try experimental new features program on YouTube. Netflix also offers early access to new features through account settings.

Early access to feature is also not sure whether it will be open to all or only to Meta Verified customers. What features will be allowed to be tested is also still unclear. Let's all look forward to the Instagram app update soon.

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