G5 Tensor Chip For Google Pixel 10 May Be Manufactured By TSMC

The Google Tensor processing chip was first used in the Google Pixel 6 device in a joint venture with Samsung, and that collaboration has continued until now, where the Google Tensor G3 is used in the Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro devices.

Recently, several technology websites have reported that Google will end this joint venture with Samsung, and will switch to TSMC starting in 2025. The first chip that will be developed by them seems to be the Google Tensor G5 that will power the Google Pixel 10 device that will be introduced in the year 2025.

Android Authority reports that TSMC will begin manufacturing the processing chip using their 3nm process and this appears to have been confirmed by Android Authority through an import-export document for the processing chip.

Among the details that can be shown include the use of the Laguna Beach code name, which has so far been known as the Tensor G5 chipset name. The name of the component part that starts with the letter G313 is also shown as the part number of the component for the Tensor chip, and the name of TSMC as the manufacturer, and the use of 16GB of memory in this SoC is also shown together with the tests that this chip has already passed.

For now, based on the code name of the version shown (A0), this chip is a test chip for now to allow Google to see what further improvements need to be made to the chip that will power next year's Pixel 10.

This also means that the Tensor G4 processing chip that will power the Pixel 9 and 9 Pro devices this year will be the last Tensor chip to be developed by Samsung.

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