You Can Now Label AI Generated Content On Facebook And Instagram

As promised by Meta starting in May the content generated by artificial intelligence on Facebook, Instagram and Threads will be labeled. The Meta system itself will scan according to various artificial intelligence generator standards. In addition, users themselves can also label the relevant content.

Recently, this artificial intelligence content labeling feature has been rolled out to all Android and iOS device users. It's just that as far as I've checked it's limited to Facebook and Instagram. I also tested by sharing photos on Facebook and Instagram Stories. On Facebook there will be an AI Label on/off option that when pressed will display the reason why AI generated content needs to be labeled. On Instagram for Stories, AI Labels are hidden inside the “…” icon under Save. While in normal sharing there is an on/off switch to use this label.

After AI-generated content is shared, followers and friends will see the Made with AI label. When this label is clicked, Meta will explain What generative AI is and remind users Meta wants to help you identify AI content. While I'm testing this feature, Threads can't label yet and it will probably arrive in a new update.

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