Microsoft OneDrive Web Version Now Supports Offline Mode

Microsoft OneDrive is one of the cloud storage services worth subscribing to. This is because the 1TB family plan, gives each member a 1TB quota instead of being shared. The price is also very affordable compared to others. Recently, Microsoft has updated the web version of OneDrive to support offline mode.

This mode allows users with limited Internet access to access Home, My files, Shared, Favorites, People, and Meeting more easily. You just have to select the files you want to access without the Internet as offline. Microsoft also stated that users can also set which files can only be accessed with the Internet. Then with the help of the OneDrive Sync application on Windows or macOS, the usage performance will increase up to 3x.

To use offline mode, it only works if the number of saved files is below 250,000. It is also limited to users with business or education accounts using a Chromium-based web browser. Other details about the OneDrive offline mode feature, Microsoft also provides a special website that you can access here.

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