Schneider Electric And JusEV Team Up To Create Over 100 EV Chargers By Late 2024

EV charging infrastructure is an important point in EV ownership since the existence of EV chargers is still in its infancy. Most EV owners will charge at home and this can be done if the owner lives in a home that allows plug-in charging, and not in apartments and the like. Today Schneider Electric and JusEV announced a collaboration to install more than 100 chargers in commercial areas such as shopping malls and office buildings.

Today their first charging center was launched at Plaza 33 where there are 2 DC 180kW chargers and 2 AC 22kW chargers in the parking area in front of the lobby. This DC charger can provide a maximum power of 180kW, or dynamically split if 2 vehicles are charging simultaneously.

The charger that can be activated with the JusEV app also supports direct payments using debit and credit cards, facilitating transactions without the app. For now the charging rate at this location has not been displayed through the application, but JusEV states that the rate that will be charged is RM 1.60 per kWh for DC charging, RM 1 per kWh for AC 22kW charging, and an 'idle' rate of RM 10 for every 30 minutes if the vehicle still connected to the charger.

Schneider Electric also shared about their chargers designed with an emphasis on universal sustainability. The materials used for their chargers use recycled materials, and their chargers also provide information regarding the benefits to the world throughout the use of their chargers.

Schneider and JusEV also stated that the target of more than 100 chargers by the end of 2024 will bring more AC chargers where only 10% of the total are DC chargers. Therefore, more charging is installed by those who target areas such as offices, shopping centers, parking lots, or even for company use. This will certainly provide more charging options for EV owners and reduce the hassle of charging.

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