NVIDIA Will Now Release New AI Chips Every Year

NVIDIA this morning posted a profit of $14 billion and revenue increased 262% last quarter compared to the same quarter of 2023. They also said the demand for their AI chips is higher than the amount they can currently produce. Although the Blackwell B200 chip was just announced last March, NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang says the company will now produce a new chip every year.

Previously CPU and GPU were announced every two years. With the ever-increasing demand for AI chips, NVIDIA feels that more powerful chips need to be introduced faster than the current schedule.

As for customers, they don't need to worry because the new chip that will be introduced has been designed to be used on existing equipment. Only the chips need to be changed and not all the computers in the data center.

In Malaysia, the AI data center in Johor is one of the first in the world equipped with Blackwell chips. Our country and also regional neighbors are the choice of special investors in the field of AI and semiconductors because it is the safest alternative because it is not located too close to China and the cost of power is still low.

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