OpenAI Handles Consent to Use Content from The Atlantic and Vox Media

OpenAI has also signed content user agreements with Vox Media and The Atlantic a week after signing a similar agreement with News Corps. Through this agreement OpneAI will offer The Atlantic and Vox Media content in ChatGPT search complete with original writing attribution and links.

With this the information displayed in the OpenAI product is from a source whose validity can be trusted so that embarrassing incidents like what happened with Google AI Overview do not happen again.

At the same time, The Atlantic said they will be given access to several products developed by OpenAI to produce more innovative news content. Therefore Atlantic Labs has been announced with the aim of using AI to help the work of journalism and also readers.

As per the agreement with News Corps, The Atlantic and Vox Media will provide recommendations on how information that meets journalistic ethics will be displayed in products developed by OpenAI.

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