Samsung Galaxy Buds3 Reportedly Will Have a Stem Design

Since the first generation, Samsung Galaxy Buds have a round design that distinguishes them from AirPods. This makes it less noticeable when worn in the ear but also makes it a little more difficult to remove. According to The Chosun report, starting with the Galaxy Buds 3 this will all change.

The Galaxy Buds 3 are believed to finally have a stem. What this stalk looks like is still a mystery and if true is the biggest change Samsung has made to their TWS since 2019. Personally, we like the design of Samsung's ear buds that look like peanuts. It is more comfortable to wear while sleeping than AirPods with a stem.

But the fact is that lately the designs popularized by Apple have become popular. Apple ditched the audio jack and now it's commonplace on flagship devices including Samsung. Last week the design of the Galaxy Watch7 Ultra was leaked with a boxy body, 10 years after it was last seen on the Gear S.

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