TCL Showcases 4K Screen Display With 1000Hz Refresh Rate

At the Display Week 2024 event that took place last week, there was a very interesting discovery that was shown by the screen manufacturer TCL CSOT, which is a screen display that has a refresh rate of 1000Hz.

Screen displays with high refresh rates are nothing new, but typically such displays will come with a lower resolution first before they are shown on a display with a higher resolution.

The example shown by TCL CSOT is quite unique, where they show a screen display with 4K resolution that has this high refresh rate. Not many details are known about this display at the moment, but according to BlurBusters (the developer behind the TestUFO display benchmarks) who discovered it, TCL is using an LED panel for this screen.

With a display like this, you definitely need a computer with great gaming power, and the use of an HDMI 2.1 or DisplayPort 2.1 plug to drive such a fast refresh rate and resolution of this magnitude. For now it is still unknown when TCL will start mass producing this LED display.

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