Tesla Launches Southeast Asia's First V4 Supercharging Station In Malaysia

Tesla today announced the official launch of the Tesla Supercharging V4 car charging station in Malaysia, making it the first Supercharging V4 charger in the Southeast Asian region. Tesla introduced it in two locations simultaneously today, namely at IOI City Mall and also IOI Mall Puchong.

This launch shows a total of 8 Tesla Supercharging V4 chargers, in addition to being equipped with 2 Destination Chargers.

Through this new generation charger, it offers longer cable support, in addition to charging power reaching 250kW per vehicle. According to rough calculations, Tesla says the Tesla Model 3 Long Range car can be charged for use up to 282km in 15 minutes.

Tesla charges RM1.25/kWh for charging using the Tesla Supercharger, and so far there are around 10 Supercharging stations, bringing a total of 48 Superchargers in Malaysia.

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