The Pentagon Has Banned Russia From Using Starlink Equipment On The Battlefield

Internet technology using Starlink satellites allows Ukraine to carry out drone attacks on Russian military positions. With Ukraine's conventional telecommunication infrastructure crippled after the Russian bomb, Starlink became a lifesaver especially in remote areas. However, there are reports that the Russian military is also using Starlink equipment without permission.

Today the Pentagon issued a statement that it has successfully prevented Russia from continuing to use Starlink internet services on the battlefield. This is done through the help of Starlink and Ukraine. How the obstruction was done was kept secret to prevent Russia from finding another way to get back into Starlink.

Starlink kits can still be bought in Russia even though they are not officially sold. The account is registered under a European username to avoid detection. Since the successful obstruction by the Pentagon, there have been reports of Starlink customers in Russia complaining that their internet service is no longer stable despite sitting outside the conflict zone.

Starlink technology was developed to offer internet to those who have not been able to access fast internet due to infrastructure constraints. But now this technology to advance human civilization has been used for destruction. Just as Enrico Fermi's technology was later modified by Oppenheimer.

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