Winamp Will Be Open Source Starting September 24th

In the early days of computing, there were no streaming services available. Therefore, to listen to music or watch movies, CDs need to be purchased. For Windows users, playing music on Winamp has become a familiar activity. In 2021, Winamp was relaunched as an NFT company selling skins but the response was less encouraging. Starting September 24 this year, Winamp will make the source code of their music player application open to all.

This means, the millions of users who use Winamp will soon be able to explore the provided code to add their own features or come up with their own personalized iteration of Winamp. At the same time, next July Winamp will also be present with a mobile device application for Android and iOS. This application was announced since last year and has not been launched yet. Winamp by Winamp SA on the Google Play Store is said not to be their official app.

Let's all look forward to further announcements about Winamp's open source code in September and wait for the new application to arrive by next July.

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