You Will Be Able To Monitor Shared Files On File Explorer Windows 11

Microsoft will update Windows 11 with generative AI features for AI computers soon. Among the changes that will be brought is that File Explorer will once again receive functional changes and interface updates. Most recently, a tab to view file sharing history has reportedly begun testing.

On the main file page there will be several categories now namely Quick Access that displays shortcuts to Desktop, Documents, Music, etc. there will be a new section that combines Recent, Favorites and Shared. The actual function is still unclear because this feature is still in its early stages and is hidden by Microsoft.

Based on the current use of File Explorer on the Windows 11 Insider Dev channel, this Shared will display files that have been shared. The user may be able to see what the file is and may re-locate the file for easy re-access for reference and so on. Microsoft will also include AI and cloud storage features on File Explorer so that Copilot can search for files and help with formulas. Let's wait together.

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