X Will Give All Users The Feature To Hide Likes

The Like feature is used on X/Twitter to save tweets that you find interesting or for reading at a later date. But there have been many cases of Likes being made into jokes because they reveal shameful activities. According to @wanghaofei an engineer at X/Twitter, the feature of hiding Likes will be given to all users of the platform for free.

Previously, to hide Likes you had to subscribe to X Premium, which must be admittedly quite expensive for the monthly fee. According to him, the move to provide this feature for free for all is to allow Likes to be done without the need for shame or fear. Likes will be used by the algorithm to provide more accurate content recommendations in the timeline of For You.

When this feature will be activated is not yet known. But it will surely make many users relieved that the rotten patch won't break but Premium customers will probably be angry because exclusive features are now free.

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