Xbox Will Also Receive AI Copilot Support

This year ushered in the era of artificial intelligence (AI) on personal computers. Microsoft with its AI PC and Copilot+ PC initiative while Apple is expected to announce their system at WWDC later. Clearly Microsoft's strategy is to get people interested in starting to use AI. According to a report from Windows Central, the AI feature will also arrive on PC and their Xbox consoles.

At this week's Microsoft Build event, they demoed Copilot support on PC and Xbox consoles. Minecraft players can call on Copilot to help them solve in-game puzzles using voice control. Answers will be provided without the player having to stop and search the website manually.

It can also provide a way to craft some tools in Minecraft by looking at the player's inventory. If it notices a lack of material, it can also provide instructions on where to find it. With Copilot, the hereditary issue of not passing certain parts of video games is resolved without having to pause the game. When Copilot will arrive on PC and Xbox has yet to be announced.

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