Humane Reportedly Seeks Buyer After AI Pin Failure

Humane is looking for a buyer after their first product AI Pin failed to meet targets according to a Bloomberg report. The company is valued at between $750 million and $1 billion despite its artificial intelligence (AI) pin being slammed by commentators and early buyers.

Among the main issues reported is that the AI system used is slow with answers given after waiting a few seconds. Then it simply supports the 4G network which is also slow and is not helped by the high sale price, expensive monthly payment and battery that does not last long. The included mini projector system is not user friendly and difficult to use in bright areas.

The same issue plagued Rabbit AI, another AI hardware company that failed to deliver what it promised. The case of Rabbit AI is more interesting because its entire operating system can be transferred to Android devices, making the purchase of hardware unnecessary.

With OpenAI and Google showing off their new AI-backed virtual assistants last week, the future of these two AI hardware pioneers looks promising. Sam Altman with the help of Sir Jony Ive will launch their AI device in the near future that is not a smartphone.

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