You Will Be Able To Compose Emails And Q&A With AI On Gmail

As previously reported, Google will introduce email summarization feature on Gmail and at Google I/O last night this feature was announced. Based on Google's demonstration, this feature is useful for those who communicate a lot with email so that one email has many threads. Just press Summarize this email, a small window will open summarizing the entire email.

Not only that, Google also introduced a question and answer feature just by entering a simple prom. For example, you are managing emails that talk a lot about price negotiations with suppliers and receive many quotes – Gmail can summarize and create a comparison table.

Then in Gmail, Gemini will also be built-in. Users can open new emails discussing monthly expenses and existing budgets, Gemini can create outgoing and incoming money schedules and create reports. The email drafting feature will arrive to users as early as this month, while the question and answer feature will be available to Google Labs users as early as July.

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