Apple Gives Siri a New Breath – Now Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Along with the introduction of Apple Intelligence, Apple also announced a new breath of Siri that not only brings better capabilities, but is also given a new design and animation effects. This Series update is expected to be offered to users in stages, around 2025.

The new series is powered by Apple Intelligence, allowing it to understand context and interact better. Users also don't need to repeat keywords over and over when asking Siri.

In addition, users can also ask various things related to content or information in the device, and Siri will provide feedback related to it. Apple also stated that Siri can also help in answering various questions and assistance related to the use of the device.

In addition to asking by voice, users can also now type any question or command, and Siri will provide a response for it. To type, users can access it from the iPhone's lock screen, and ask Siri directly. Apple also showed a demo of instructing Siri to tidy up photos in the Photos app, and it did so with ease.

With this new introduction, we all look forward to Siri being actively used again by all users – other than only using it in some situations such as driving.

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