Apple Intelligence Announced – An AI Model That Runs Directly on Devices, With a Focus on Privacy

Apple today shared its strategy in the artificial intelligence arena, through what Apple calls Apple Intelligence. Apple wisely used the name, and made it short for AI. This artificial intelligence feature will be offered by Apple through Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad and even Mac.

Apple says their artificial intelligence model is better than others on the market because it cares about privacy, and at the same time provides context according to a user. It can intelligently analyze various contents in the device, and provide answers to user queries or questions. This AI model is run directly on the device, and from the rough overview provided, it can run on an iPhone using an Apple A17 Pro, or a MacBook using an Apple M1 and newer.

Using Apple Intelligence, it can do a number of things, including sorting notifications according to importance and priority, helping users in writing, generating pictures and images, as well as being integrated with Siri to provide context and familiar conversations without having to emphasize keywords on every query.

Apple also announced that it will offer Private Cloud Compute support for higher data generation and processing needs, rather than running on the device alone.

At this announcement event as well, Apple said it would open up the ability to integrate different artificial intelligence models into user devices. And for starters, they've integrated ChatGPT support – allowing users to access it directly through Siri and other services, for free without the need for any registered account.

The various features announced under Apple Intelligence will be introduced gradually through the upcoming iOS and macOS operating system updates, and will be limited to English for the initial stage.

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