Apple is Reportedly Developing an Easy-to-Replace iPhone Battery Design

Since the last three years, Apple has started offering a self-repair program for their products in selected countries. Then some iPhone models such as iPhone 14 Plus and iPhone 15 Pro use a design that makes it easier to open the screen panel and back glass. With the European Union mandating replaceable batteries in devices by 2027, Apple was recently reported to be redesigning iPhone batteries.

The current battery design is a component protected with a type of foil (foil) then there is an elastic sticker on the back. The new design is said to be that the battery components will be protected with metal sheets and they will be attached to the device using the electrically induced adhesive debonding method. To replace the battery, a small electric shock will be applied. Although this design is simpler, opening the device still requires special tools because there are stickers for screen glue and waterproof and dust protection.

Apple is said to use the new design of this battery on selected iPhone 16 before using it on all iPhone 17. It is quite interesting to see the battery of the device attached without any glue or adhesive but instead using electricity.

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