Google Vids Now Able to Try – Generate Video Presentations With AI

Google Vids is another generative artificial intelligence service powered by the Gemini model. Google Vids is a service that generates presentation videos by simply entering text proms and can also be attached to documents in Google Drive. After being introduced last April, Vids can now be tested by all who qualify.

When I try to open the website, it opens a website similar to Google Docs or Sheets. Press the floating “+” button to start generating the video. The user then needs to enter a text prompt and can add a document by entering "@" and the name of the document. Google Vids will then provide a video framework.

After completion, users can select three themes before they are processed and generated. Finally, the user is allowed to make various edits as if editing a presentation slide file. Each component in the Google Vids timeline can be modified with various texts, you can record a video and directly read the generated script, you can add background music and in each "slide" there will also be an AI-generated video that matches the context of the user's prom.

In my tests, Google Vids can generate random presentation videos with a duration of 30 seconds to almost two minutes. The generation process is around 10 seconds and the video you see above is 100% generated by Google Vids without any editing. To try it out you can go to the Google Vids page;

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