ASUS ROG Ally X Now Official With More Ergonomic Design And Double Performance

ASUS ROG Ally X is ASUS' highly anticipated second generation Windows mobile gaming console. Two days before Computex 2024 starts, ASUS has launched this console. Interestingly, all the previously leaked specifications are accurate.

What's new on the Ally X is a twice as big battery of 80Wh compared to the previous 40Wh. Not only that, this updated console is also equipped with 24 GB LPDDR5X RAM memory compared to 16GB, storage now reaches up to 1TB M.2 2280 NVMe and users can upgrade their own storage. The D-Pad and analog buttons now use a new version that is more durable up to 5 million presses and also promises more precise control.

The XG Mobile connection port is now replaced with two USB-Cs, one with USB 3.2 and one with Thunderbolt to give users more charging flexibility and use third-party accessories such as docks or external GPUs. The built-in fan is now 23% smaller with 50% thinner blades for better airflow. With the additional air grille, Ally X can also operate 6 degrees cooler. The Armory Crate SE app is now at version 1.5 which supports customizable game libraries as well as a more parallel update method.

Asus ROG Ally X also uses a new design that is more ergonomic, the handle on each side also has a pattern for extra grip and although it weighs more than 70 grams – every component is rearranged to the center to be more balanced so that the user does not feel the extra weight. If you don't like white color because it gets dirty easily, Ally X now comes in black like MSI Claw A1M.

Others on Asus ROG Ally X are still the same as Ally such as the AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme chip (“Zen4” 4nm, 8-core/16-thread, 24 MB total cache, reaching up to 5.1GHz) and AMD Radeon Graphics GPU (AMD RDNA 3, 12 CU, reaching 2.7 GHz, up to 8.6 Teraflops). The screen is a 7-inch 120Hz LCD with Gorilla Glass Victus as well as AMD FreeSync Premium. Dolby Atmos stereo speakers are also maintained and charging also remains with 65W power.

For now the selling price has not yet been announced but it is estimated that it may reach up to RM4000 and above. The sale date in Malaysia has also not yet been announced. Stay tuned to is for more information on Asus products throughout the Computex 2024 event this week.

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