ASUS ROG Mjolnir 1200W Is A Portable Power Station With Qi2

Just listen to Mjolnir and people will be reminded of Thor's character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Actually Mjolnir is a hammer with the power of lightning from Norse mythology. At Computex 2024, ASUS showed off the ROG Mjolnir 1200W, a hammer-themed portable power station.

ROG Mjolnir 1200W is still a concept product because complete specifications are still not revealed such as battery capacity. Even so, to me it's a very interesting iteration compared to the EcoFlow River 2 we've reviewed before. The hammer handle on this Mjolnir 1200W is a flashlight for emergency use that can be charged wirelessly via the Qi2 charging pad built into this portable power station.

ASUS is also targeting users of ROG laptops and computer systems if they want to play outdoors and not just stay indoors. With a power of 1200W it can power a 30 min gaming session and 700W for 1 hour depending on the type of GPU. Two USB-C ports with Power Delivery 100W + 65W are included, two USB-A ports with 18W power and four power plugs that support electricity flow up to 120 volts.

The battery technology used is Lithium Iron phosphate (LiFePO4) with a lightning protection system and power surge protection. No information has been disclosed whether the ROG Mjolnir 1200W will be sold in the near future. Let's wait together.

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