UGREEN Expands Their Nexode Series Chargers With “Pro” Family

UGREEN is also present at Computex 2024. Today they have launched the Nexode S Series to further expand their Nexode charger family. There are four new chargers introduced this time.

Nexode Pro 65W Mini

As always, UGREEN remains on GaN technology. Only this time it has been upgraded to a third version dubbed GaNInfinity. It is a 65W charger with three ports namely 2x USB-C and 1x USB-A. It also uses a body size that is 55% smaller than the official charger of any laptop, console or phone. The selling price is said to be around RM260 and will be sold around this year.

Nexode Pro 65W Ultra Slim

If you think the mini size is small but still thick and takes up bag space, UGREEN Nexode Pro 65W Ultra Slim is the best choice. The specification details are still not revealed because this model is still in development. To be sure, it is more or less the same as last year's model with an improvement in charging quality. Price and sale date details are also still a question mark.

Nexode Pro 100W

This charger also has the same specifications as the Mini model but its size is only 45% smaller than other chargers. The advantage of this charger is the 100W charging power which is adaptive according to use. For example, one 100W port but using two ports is 65W + 30W, 65W + 22.5W or 18W+18W. While the use of three ports is 65W + 18W + 18W. This charger will be sold at a price of around RM350.

Nexode Pro 160W

The last model is a charger with 160W power with 4 ports that combine 3x USB-C + 1x USB-A. Although there are more ports and more power, UGREEN is still able to fit all the technology in 21% size compared to Apple's official 140W charger. The concept of use is the same as the 100W model which is adaptive, such as 4 ports for 65W+65W+18W+18W, 3 ports are many of which are 65W+65W+30W or 100W+18W+18W. The selling price is said to be more than RM500.

UGREEN Nexode S Series is undeniably a misleading name as the “S” name is not used on every charger at all. Even the SKU number does not have the letter "S". Even so, UGREEN promises a better and premium user experience. Many UGREEN chargers have been made into everyday chargers such as Nexode RG, Nexode GaN 300W or even Nexode 100W. Let's all look forward to the sale of UGREEN Nexode S Series in Malaysia.

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