ASUS ROG “Project Dali” Is A Gaming Laptop With A Color E-Ink Second Screen

ASUS ROG is part of a well-known gaming computer brand. There are various interesting products from laptops, PCs, GPUs, phones and more. Like Razer, ASUS also likes to use RGB and LED strips to decorate a simple gaming product into a colorful one. Most recently, ROG experimented with colored E-Ink panels.

They combine the RGB Aura-lit logo concept from the ROG Strix series, the Anime Matrix LED system on the Zephyrus series, and generative AI technology for this concept. It is named as Project Dali with the back panel of the gaming laptop screen that has a second screen. ROG says it seems to replace the concept of pasting various stickers, only now it can be decorated with generative AI images, ROG logos, various texts, animations, or custom user-designed images through the color E-Ink screen.

More interestingly, it does not affect the laptop's battery and will still display what has been set even if the laptop is turned off. The prototype laptop shown at the Computex 2024 event uses the ROG Zephyrus G14 model. Inside there is an application that controls the color e-ink panel behind the screen.

There are three options which are Curated Designs that ROG has already designed to make it easier. Then is Manual Editing to give the user freedom, and finally is Tweakable Designs for the user to select some elements and the system will generate an attractive personalized theme.

ASUS stated that this product will probably be launched around 2025. For now they are still collecting feedback from the public whether if this concept becomes a reality will it be popular? Let's wait together.

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