GSKILL Also Showcases CAMM2 Memory Offering – GSKILL RipJaws DDR5 CAMM2

Among the interesting components shown at this year's Computex Taipei event for me was the CAMM2 DDR5 memory, which resembles a piece of M.2 SSD storage, but features quite a lot of DDR5 memory chips.

GSKILL, a well-known memory brand among PC builders has shown their DDR5 CAMM2 memory offering at their booth, and it is called GSKILL RipJaws DDR5 CAMM2. It looks very similar to the Kingston Fury Impact DDR5 CAMM2 memory, but this time we got a chance to hold it.

This GSKILL RipJaws DDR5 CAMM2 memory has as much as 48GB with a speed of up to 7800MT, slightly higher than Kingston's offering which has a memory of 32GB. From what we can see as well, GSKILL uses DDR5 memory chips developed by SK Hynix for their memory.

At the GSKILL demo, we also had a chance to see how this memory is installed on the motherboard, and it seems that on the back of this memory, there is a pin track where this memory can be connected to the motherboard like you install a CPU.

Similar to what we asked Kingston, the GSKILL spokesperson also said that this memory format has not passed JEDEC certification yet, so for now there is a possibility that there are still changes that can be made.

GSKILL also said that for the time being, they only have a 48GB memory offering for now, but when the memory design is set later, they will also come up with smaller and larger offerings depending on the user's needs.

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