Bugatti Tourbillon Is A Super Hybrid Car With 1800 Horse Power

Bugatti launched their first new car model in 16 years yesterday which is named Bugati Tourbillon. It is also the first hybrid vehicle produced by Bugatti with a power of up to 1800 horsepower through a combination of 8.3 liter V16 petrol engine matched to three electric motors.

Two electric motors are placed on the front axle and one on the rear. According to Bugatti, this super hybrid car can accelerate from 0-100 kmh in 2 seconds. It can then reach a maximum speed of 380 kmh in just 25 seconds. A battery pack with a capacity of 25 kWh allows the Tourbillon to travel with only electric power for a distance of 60 kilometers.

As the name suggests, all gauges in the cabin use analog meters. There is a hidden LCD screen if the owner wants to use a smartphone with Apple Car Play support. Another feature of the Tourbillon is that the driver's instrument gauge is placed in the middle of the steering wheel so that it does not remain static in the middle. The rotating steering wheel pivots on an analog instrument gauge that looks like a luxury watch.

Only 250 Bugati Tourbillons will be produced each at a price of 3.6 million Euros (~RM18 million). Testing is still being done on the Tourbillion with sales only set to open in 2026.

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