CelcomDigi 5G Squad Across Malaysia To Ensure Widest And Fastest Network Access

Nowadays, internet access has become a thing that is increasingly becoming a basic right in everyone's life. With fast internet access, anyone's quality of life can be improved, and this can obviously be accelerated with the latest and faster 5G access from CelcomDigi.

CelcomDigi, which is known for having the widest and fastest network in Malaysia, and is consistent in offering good access even in rural areas, has now just launched the 5G Squad which aims to go to selected locations throughout Malaysia to allow users to try for themselves what the speed has to offer. 5G access and they will also participate in the activity to monitor and get user feedback.

This 5G squad consists of 3 branches namely

The Network Squad is made up of network engineers who are responsible for ensuring access is available wherever you are. They will also be present together in this activity.

Extreme Tests will be performed to test network access in remote and densely populated areas, as well as in hilly areas, or in areas with challenging terrain.

Sessions with Users where the 5G Squad will participate in meeting customers to discuss content related to the network, and what can be improved for the benefit of all.

This test was carried out together with the leadership of CelcomDigi to ensure that the results were received directly and transparently, followed by a meeting with the community of residents around the area.

In fact, recently the 5G Squad together with the top leadership from CelcomDigi itself went to Sekinchan, Selangor to meet with local residents and test the accessibility of the 5G network in the area. They have also gone to a remote place around Taman Rimba Kamanwel, Rawang to see for themselves the situation and the results of the test. This at once proves CelcomDigi's commitment to bring the fastest and most widespread 5G access throughout Malaysia and as a result of the merger of Celcom and Digi, users now enjoy faster speeds, with uninterrupted streaming and low latency rates.

This 5G squad will go to selected locations throughout Malaysia and you can participate in their activities at those locations which will be announced soon, to experience for yourself the benefits of 5G for your daily life. Browse and follow updates from CelcomDigi on all channels to ensure you don't miss out on the widest and fastest CelcomDigi 5G services throughout Malaysia.

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