CIMB : Banking Transaction Limit Changes Will Be Subject To A 12-Hour Cooldown Period

CIMB now informs that, starting this June 2024, some additional security measures will be implemented through the CIMB OCTO application. One of them involves changes to the transaction limit on the account.

Effective June 2024, changes to transaction limits at CIMB will require a 12-hour cooling-off period before they can be applied. This includes if you increase the transaction limit through CIMB Clicks or the CIMB OCTO app.

This is an additional protection measure, in addition to the introduction of a cooling-off period when changing devices, or registering a new online account. CIMB is seen as wanting to avoid consumers becoming victims of fraud through the introduction of this feature.

In addition, the function of limiting transactions will also no longer be offered through CIMB Clicks – in parallel with the offering of the application which has been discontinued and replaced by CIMB OCTO.

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