Cooler Master Hybrid M Massaging Gaming Chair Shown

Cooler Master is a familiar brand of computer and gaming accessories. They have shown a variety of gaming products, and at the Computex 2024 event, among the hardware they showed was the Cooler Master Hybrid M massage chair.

This gaming chair uses cold-molded foam (cold-molded foam) that is thick and comfortable to sit on. Even more interesting, this gaming chair comes with a built-in massaging function that can be controlled using the Hybrid M application that can be downloaded on Android or iOS smart devices.

What is interesting about the massage function on this chair is that it is powered using a built-in power bank, and this chair does not need to be plugged into an electrical outlet on the wall to activate it, allowing your chair to be placed anywhere.

Cooler Master tells us that this chair can massage the user's shoulders and back for an hour on a single full charge.

Apart from the thick sponge, the frame of this Hybrid M seat is also made of a combination of iron and aluminum metal to give the user the best back support and firmness at the same time.

So far Cooler Master has not yet confirmed when this massage gaming chair will be offered for the local market.

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