XPG Nia Is A Portable PC Console With Adjustable Screen Display And CAMM2 Memory

At Computex Taipei 2024, among the many featured products are mobile PC consoles with offerings from companies such as ASUS, MSI and ZOTAC on display. There is another console that was not expected to be offered, especially since it is offered by a company known for its memory and storage offerings.

ADATA, through their gaming brand XPG has shown their own PC mobile console offering, the XPG Nia which comes with a number of very interesting features. It comes with a 7.0-inch screen display with Full HD resolution and controls that are usually shown on this type of console.

But the XPG Nia has some interesting additional features that make it a unique console, such as a screen display that can be adjusted in height, a kickstand on the back like what is seen on the Lenovo Legion Go and also the use of an AMD Phoenix Point processing chip that will be modified specifically for this console.

Not only that, ADATA also confirmed that the storage and memory components can be modified easily, especially because this console uses M.2 SSD storage and also DDR5 LPCAMM2 memory. ADATA says that the space for these two components is under the kickstand and can be accessed quickly and easily.

So far it is not yet known when ADATA will start selling or opening pre-orders for this console, especially because of AMD's APU components that have not been confirmed yet, and also the CAMM2 memory that has not been officially specified by JEDEC.

ADATA says that there is also a possibility that this console will be launched through the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, but for now they are still waiting on the certainty of a few more things.

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