Corning Gorilla Glass 7i Launches For Affordable Devices

Corning has introduced a new protective glass known as Gorilla Glass 7i. This new solution is specifically designed for affordable mid-range devices with a better drop resistance rate than competitors. In addition to being claimed to be sufficient to provide optimal protection to users.

According to Corning, the glass uses special channels that can withstand impacts from heights of up to one meter (3.3 feet) on rough surfaces such as asphalt. In addition, Gorilla Glass 7i is also twice as scratch resistant as lithium aluminosilicate glass offered by competitors. The results of laboratory tests found that Gorilla Glass 7i can survive up to one meter on a rough surface coated with sandpaper. Meanwhile, competitors can only survive at half height.

Corning also says that the glass was developed in line with the need for quality display use in the affordable device segment. Then it is not only focused on smartphones, but Gorilla Glass 7i is also suitable for other devices including smart watches that need scratch-resistant and tough glass.

Oppo is said to be the first manufacturer to launch a smartphone with glass with more details likely to be revealed soon.

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