DJI Drones May Be Banned In America This Month

After Huawei, drones produced by DJI will be banned from use in the United States. Next June 12, the U.S. Senate will discuss the CCP drone ban act which will not only ban the sale of DJI drones but will also cause drones already purchased by consumers to be unflyable.

DJI is now asking users in the United States to contact their representatives in the Senate to not pass this act. According to DJI again, this act happened because of "false information that scares users" about the privacy risks of using their drones. If their drones are banned it will have an impact on DJI which currently holds 70% of the world's cloud computing drone market.

For the past three years, the use of DJI drones by US military personnel has been banned, especially in areas near the base. GPS and camera information can allegedly be used for spying by China. DJI denies this claim and says there is an offline mode that does not save GPS data and user privacy if they do not want it saved.

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