No WF-1000XM6 This Year, Sony May Focus On New Generation LinkBuds

After more than three years of waiting for Sony's WF-1000XM4 successor, the XM5, I'm still angry with Sony because the long-awaited flagship earphones aren't solid enough. Sony didn't bring any features that got me excited other than managing to shrink the size of these flagship earphones. Most recently, Sony is said not to launch the XM6 series this year because it wants to focus on the new generation LinkBuds series.

This is not surprising as the 1000XM series is usually launched every three years. Two TWS LinkBuds are expected to arrive, which are LinkBuds that focus on good audio with a donut design for a natural ambient mode. While LinkBuds S focuses ANC support in a very light body. Sony has also recently started to focus its flagship audio offerings on more affordable products, such as the recent ULT Wear priced at RM899 with features similar to the WH-1000XM5. Let's wait for more information together.

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