DJI Successfully Delivers First Cargo On Mount Everest Using Drones

About five years ago, many predicted that food and goods ordered through e-commerce sites would be done using drones. Amazon produces its own drones to meet their needs. But until now the dream has not come true and brother motor is still an option.

DJI this week announced the success of the first cargo delivery on Mount Everest using a drone. The DJI FlyCart 30 (FC30) drone successfully carried cargo in the form of oxygen tanks, rucksacks and food supplies up to 15 kilograms from Everest Base Camp (EBC) to C1 camp.

Then it takes the garbage back to EBC. The use of drones shortens the delivery time to only 10 minutes compared to 6-8 hours using a sherpa. Tests also show the FC30 can fly at an altitude between 5300 meters and 6000 meters which is a new record for a civilian drone.

With this DJI proved that their drones can be used for cargo delivery in high altitude areas with extreme temperatures and can also help solve the problem of dumping garbage on Everest.

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