WhatsApp Business Also Receives Generative AI Features

In select countries, Meta has offered access to their generative artificial intelligence service. This includes accessing Meta AI on WhatsApp, Messenger and even Facebook. Most recently, Meta expanded this AI access offering to WhatsApp Business users.

Among the things this AI feature can do is create click-to-WhatsApp ads, generate answers to various customer questions and even allow users to create AI assistants that can act as customer service agents. For now, the generative artificial intelligence feature on WhatsApp Business is only available to users in India, Singapore and soon Brazil.

Meta also guarantees that customers will also know who they are chatting with on WhatsApp because there will be a label telling whether the messages are sent by AI or humans. Together we look forward to the development of this feature to more countries. Meta also brings Meta Verified and audio call support to enterprise users to make business easier. Surely this feature will help many small businessmen who depend on WhatsApp like using the Catalog feature and more.

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